Located in Wesseling, Radio Erft e.v. is the local radio station for the Rhein-Erft-Kreis. Founded by Bernhard Ripp, this radio station has been a stalwart for the city of Wesseling. In addition to broadcasting a plethora of local news, it also has a number of interesting features.

The first of its kind in the area, the station has a number of interesting features that make it one of the coolest stations in the state. These include a cool-looking digital sign and a well-equipped studio. In addition to the usual suspects, Radio Erft also provides local sports news, information on local events, and a bevy of music programming.

The station's website also features a slew of interactive features. This includes a calendar of events and a livestream of local sports games. Among other features, the station provides users with push notifications on upcoming events and news items. Aside from the station's website, users can also listen to the station via NRWision Mediathek, a dedicated media center. Located in the center of Wesseling, it serves as a news hub and a showcase for radio programming from the region's many other local broadcasters.

In the same spirit of innovation, the station also provides the community with an app. Designed by Martin Muhlner, this app features local news, events, sports, and sports scores. Among other features, the app has a widget that provides users with a number of useful push notifications. In addition to the standard radio features, users can also access information about the area's most interesting restaurants, attractions, and other fun things to do.