The tool also enables you to download a video from Instagram. While there are numerous apps out there that promise to do this, Insta DP is the one that delivers the goods. If you're looking to watch your favorite celebrity's latest DP or find the best ones from your favorite bloggers, Insta DP is the way to go.

The tool is also impressive because it allows you to get a good look at other users' profiles. This includes a full-sized version of their profile photo. The site's other cool features, such as a search function, make it a breeze to find someone who has something interesting to say. Another useful feature is that you can follow them or unfollow them with a simple click. You can also customize your own profile to suit your tastes. You can also add other people to your following list, if you're so inclined.

Insta DP is also useful because it gives you enough information to decide whether or not you want to follow someone. For example, if you get a follow from an unknown account, you can choose to unfollow them if you don't like their style. The software's search function can also be a real time saver. By searching for the name of an artist or band you admire, you'll find their profile if they have it. Insta DP will also tell you if they are on Twitter or Facebook.