An audio book is an audio recording of a printed book hörbücher, usually with supplemental content. This allows the listener to multitask by listening to the book while working, exercising, or doing other tasks. Audiobooks are not only helpful to visually impaired people, but can also help children learn to read.

As technology has advanced, the popularity of audiobooks has increased. New compression methods and the ubiquity of portable media players have helped to propel the industry forward.

While audio books are useful for all ages, adults use them most when they're traveling or on the job. They can also help children to improve their reading skills, as well as teach them new words.

However, if you're looking to publish a great audiobook, you need to do some research. You can find some free tools and tips to help you get started. A good place to start is TCK Publishing's step-by-step guide to recording a decent audiobook.

There are also several self-publishing platforms that allow authors to easily create and distribute their own audiobooks. These include PublishDrive, Draft2Digital, OverDrive, and Audible. Each of these companies offers something different.

PublishDrive, for example, allows authors to bundle their daily work into one file for distribution to over 400 online bookstores, including Libby/OverDrive, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. The company also provides promotional and marketing options, as well as the chance to reach over 240,000 libraries worldwide.

Audible, on the other hand, is a subscription service that requires monthly payments. Users can download audiobooks from the company's website or through their apps. Audible has been the dominant player in the audiobook market for years, but new entrants are stepping up to the plate.