Lyrics can be written in any style or genre, but the most popular paroles de chansons follow a particular structure that has been used by songwriters across different time periods and genres. These structures have been around for years and are known to resonate with listeners and keep them wanting more.

Most popular songs are structured with an introduction (the opening or "hook" of the song) that introduces the story and sets the mood for the rest of the song. This could be done by a simple rhythmic line or by using a repeated phrase. The main goal is to make the listener remember the song and want to hear more.

This can be done by using a repeating line or phrases, or it can be achieved through the use of a chord progression or other musical structure. Usually, the melody and chord structure of this section is not the same as the verses or choruses. This type of song structure is most common in pop music.

Almost every song has a hook that makes the song memorable and keeps it from becoming boring for listeners. This is typically a vocal refrain, though sometimes an instrumental hook is used.

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