In addition to this new Comic Sans instagram schrift, Instagram added four other new fonts to the Story cast, including a versatile cursive light serif perfect for Instagram stories inspired by magazines, and a bold From fashion blogs to to Food Instagram accounts. The italic version has a Highlight option, which defaults to black on white, but you can easily set the color by tapping the color wheel.

Italic serifs are a good choice for Instagram Stories because they make it easier to write legible, conversational text without making it look too formal. A highlight option lets you add padding to your text for a plaque-like look.

A more classic serif is also a good option for Instagram stories. With a Highlight option, you can easily crop your text to fit the screen and add padding for a more casual look.

Alternatively, you can also try the heavily italic serif, which features a double layer drop shadow and solid background highlight. This new font is perfect for brands looking for a more sophisticated touch to their stories, and its rounded highlight edges soften the overall application.

This cursive serif is a good choice for Instagram stories because you can write in lowercase and all caps and use the highlight option with or without caps. Unlike the previous italic serif option, this one features a double layer drop shadow and solid background to give your text a more polished look.

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